Bicycle rental in Lipno

Many of our guests do not have the opportunity to bring their own bike to Lipno. Or only children can fit in their car and they can't bring all the bikes for the whole family. Then they ask us what the loan options are.

That is why we have newly prepared several bikes for you (mountain, trekking and children's), which we rent here in Lipno.


- You will have bikes ready in your basement

- you don't have to worry about anything (book, walk to the rental shop about 900m, stand in line, fill in all the documents and then everything back when you return)

- you do not have to follow the working / opening hours of the rental

- you can actually jump on the bike whenever you want :-)

- Of course a lower price

If you are interested in renting a bike, please let us know when booking accommodation. We apologize, but the number of rounds is limited, so it may not reach everyon